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Smart LBS is a comprehensive suite of location-based services and solutions using smart-phones

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Our Solutions

A branded mobile name for the leading Hajj & Umrah companies who want to offer their pilgrims excellent service. The App helps the pilgrims to locate their bus in real time on the map (without installing GPS in the bus), and they can navigate to it easily. Also the pilgrims can locate their camp, residence and the location and contacts of the accompanying tour guides (without the need to store their phone numbers). The company management and staff will have a great benefit in locating their bus and each others on the map, and will be able to manage their work effectively and efficiently.
This solution gives you full visibility over your field team activities; visits of the day, check-in and checkout times per visit, status of each completed job/meeting, next job location, and you can change the assigned jobs based on proximity to new orders, and you also automate generating the time sheets. It is a must-have solution for every company operates large teams for maintenance and repairs at the customers’ sites. And for the companies having teams doing meters reading, collections and sales-visits.
Efficient order dispatching has been the biggest challenge for every limousine and taxi company. Improving the profit margins comes mainly from optimizing the cost of fuel and cars maintenance, which requires assigning the orders to the nearest possible free driver. The companies that equip their drivers with location-aware mobile application have gone much ahead of their competition in terms of profitability and service quality.

Our Features

30 Day Free Trial

Our solutions can be tried for free and with no commitment to buy. Sign-up with your company details, and start using the system using your username and password.

No server-side hardware or software needed

You just need web-browser at your office, and smart phones at the palm of your staff.

No credit card required

You don’t need to provide your credit card to start the trial. And no automatic billing after the expiry of your trial period.

Pay monthly

No long-term contracts, pay-as-you-grow model and cancellation policy is “just anytime”.

Maintenance & Support

Our support team is there not only to fix problems, but also to advise you to maximize the value of using our technologies.


Your contact details are safe, won’t be sold or misused. Your business information is kept safe and secure from unauthorized access.

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