Employee GPS Tracking

Amazingly simple solution that offers GPS tracking for your employees and mobile workforce.

Ultra low cost smartphone based solution, that allows the managers and supervisors to have real time tracking of their field teams during the working hours. 

We designed a solution that is available right now for you to try, and you can try it for one complete month with your entire team.

Infoblink's mobile workforce management solution has an ultra low-cost starter package, no frills and can be made ready for you and your team to try in less than 24 hours from the minute claim your free trial.

Our solution benefits are:
  • Small and medium business friendly-pricing: $5 per user per month
  • No need to buy any software or hardware: Monitor your teams location from anywhere and using any device connected to the internet
  • Risk free trial: no credit card info and no commitment to buy after the trial expires
  • Cancel-any-time policy: you can cancel the service any time without any obligations
  • Start right away: Call us today, and start track your field team tomorrow!
We also offer advanced customization by adding features upon your request, and we offer white-label app branded with your company name and logo.

Infoblink's workforce tracking solution: "The location information in a blink!" 

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