Uber for your Food Delivery

Now there is Uber for every thing, and -thanks to the technology- now every small business can introduce Uber's quality of service into their delivery service.

Yes, If you have a restaurant, fast-food chain, coffee shop or you sell/distribute any product home-delivery, then you need to read the below offering that can truly amaze your customers.

Uber and the other ride-sharing APPs allow the passenger to receive immediate notification once the driver is assigned, not only that, but also to track the driver's location on the map. 

Don't the customers who make a home-delivery order deserves the same treatment?

Infoblink's solution for the delivery businesses allows every small or medium business owner to offer such amazing service to the clients who expect their products to arrive to their chosen delivery locations.
No need to invest in a mobile APP, and no need to build complex software, in a matter of hours you can enroll all your delivery staff onto our platform, and start offering this amazing benefit to your clients.
It will not only impress your clients, but it will offload your call center from the calls inquiring about the status of the their order, and more importantly it can allow you to hire and manage on-demand delivery resources and charge them per trip.

For your clients, they will receive SMS once your delivery person (courier) starts executing their order, and the message will allow the client to:
- See the drivers photo, name and mobile phone
- Get Estimated Time of Arrival
- Track the driver's location on the map  

Amazing, yeah?

Contact our sales team for more information , or to request 30 days Free trial on no obligation for purchases, and no credit card required.

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