Frequently Asked Questions

Smart LBS is a suite of location-aware order management system, customized per industry. So, the solution designed for Limousine and Taxi companies is branded as "Limo n' Taxi" that is limontaxi

Limontaxi supports the end-to-end business cycle of limo/taxi companies. It starts from drivers/cars information recording, customers management, orders entry, automatic vehicles location (AVL) through the drivers' smart-phones, dispatching orders to nearest free drivers, live monitoring for the rides status, and finally recording the customers feedback about the driver/ride.

All our solutions are web-based software available on the internet, so backoffice users can access the application from anywhere and no installation is required. The mobile workforce, like drivers or collection agents must install mobile app on their smart phones, so their back office team gain real-time access on their locations and can have instant two-ways communication. The application has very simple and intuitive user interface, and designed with DIY (do-it-yourself) concept in mind, nevertheless; our support team will be assisting you to get fully acquainted with the application in less than one day.

Limontaxi design paid special attention to the taxi/limo business in the Arab countries and Middle East; the drivers’ application is available in Arabic language, it is permitted for the drivers to still take orders regularly from the switch status to "busy" on the app, and still can receive orders from where he/she is heading. The recommendation engine designed to aim for equal distribution of orders amongst the drivers, and tends to reward the best-rated ones. Comprehensive reporting and anti-fraud measures were implemented to assist company owners run their business efficiently.

We are using Amazon web services (AWS) for hosting our cloud environment; this makes the availability of the system and the security of the data matching thehighest international standards. However, if your business requires higher degree of data security and confidentiality; we can set-upa dedicated instance of the system on your own servers inside your company premise, and we can provide administration training to your IT staff.

Reduction of fuel consumption, carbon emission, vehicles maintenance cost are the main outcomes of using such solutions. Improved working conditions for drivers, while offering customers the option to have secure taxi pick-up from homes, is a valuable benefit for elder people, handicapped and those concerned about security (especially in the suburbs). Moreover, they also enable women to work as Taxi Drivers in a secure working environment.

Yes, we offer very attractive referral program for individuals and companies. Becoming a partner makes you eligible for attractive commission on qualified sales.