Smart Location-based Software

In Infoblink, we believe that the smart LBS (location-based services) are the ones that can leverage the Cloud Computing Technologies and the power of the Smart Phones. We were surprised with the magnitude of saving opportunities, resources optimization, services improvements that can be easily captured through implementing smart location-based solutions.

We understand that every industry has its own needs, budget constraints and customer’s aspirations. Therefore, Infoblink have comprehensive suite of solutions tailored per industry. And extensive set of reports that gives you full insights about your operational and economic efficiencies.

Our Benefits

Cost Reduction

Reduce fuel consumption and cars maintenance.

Customer Loyalty

Improved customer service, maintaining customers database and collection of customers’ feedback.

Automatic Staff Reports

Shift reports, time sheets and over time are one click away.

Pay As You Grow

You pay only for the active cars per month.

Customizable Dashboard

Operational KPIs, fraud detection, business intelligence, collections etc.

Easy to Set-up and Use

No hardware needed and can be set-up in 24 hours.

Environment Friendly

Less air pollution, carbon emissions and traffic congestion.

Smart LBS are...

Not only for the companies seeking differentiation, or aiming to supersede their competitions, but also –and primarily designed- for the industry leaders who challenge their own KPIs and set new standards in their industries.

And Much More ...

Free business process review/optimization service is offered, even during the free trial. We realize how important it is to align the IT solutions to the business needs and objectives. We have qualified business analysts who have done business process optimization in large organization and achieved great results. And we also provide staff training, to ensure that your team is able to perfectly use the solution, and your business will be getting the maximum of it!