About Us

Helping companies capture the ‘location’ Information in a blink!

We provide solutions that help companies capture the information of “Where” and “When” are their fleet or field teams during their working shifts. And to use this information to optimize their daily operation, reduce costs and automate reports. That’s it!

Who We Are

In Infoblink we combine long years of business experience and the expertise in software & telecoms technologies. We believe that smart-phones have huge potential to change the way traditional business is done. We are specialized in the location-services, and we design solutions that help businesses collect and make-best-use-of the location information of their fleet or field workers.

We believe that availing the relevant information at the right time, creates unprecedented opportunities for traditional business to optimize their operations, save money and efforts.

Our solutions are designed to be:

  • Easy to set-up
  • Quick to deploy
  • Fun to use.

Give us a chance to help you turning-around your operation, drop us a message and give it a try!

Our People