Manage your outsourced fleet like a pro

Do your offer transportation service to your employees? Great companies do

Are they fully satisfied with the service? 

Did you outsource the fleet operation to the best-in-town? That’s not enough

Smartphone based Vehicle Tracking

All businesses relying on vehicles in their operation know very well the benefits of having a "Fleet Tracking" solution in place. But until recently , getting fleet tracking solution was a long story: starts by finding a provider, signing contracts, sending vehicles to the service centres to install GPS's , and managing the fix/replacements and returns.
This was affordable for large companies but not really suitable for small & medium businesses.
Today, a pretty simple and economic solution is available for small & medium businesses is just few clicks away! 

Limo N' Taxi Interview on OLN TV - Lebanon

In this interview, Infoblink's CEO explains how Limo N' Taxi solution help the small and medium Taxi and Limousine operators to improve their services and reduce their expenses at very competitive price.

Launching LimonTaxi Free App

We are very glad to launch the Free app of limontaxi tracking for Android:

This app offers GPS & Cellular tracking features, and the FREE version allows tracking of up to 3 smart phones.  
The limitation can be removed as premium service for companies or individuals interested to extend the tracking features for more than 3 smart phones, 
Tracking-only still has so many useful use cases: