Platform and Mobile App for Hajj & Umrah Travel Companies

There was more than 8 millions performed Hajj & Umrah in 2014

You can simply imagine how many times the following needs rose, with little or no modern solution for:
-Pilgrims need to reach out the nearest on-duty tour guide and need to locate their buses and navigate to them.
-Pilgrims sometimes get lost while returning to their residence or camp.
-The team of tour guides and drivers need to locate each others. And their managers at the head office need to locate them for better organization and supervision of the tour

Mobile App for the Hajj & Umrah companies

To facilitate the communication between the pilgrims and the tour guides, and to help them easily locate the bus on the map, Infoblink Software Company launched a new solution enables the tour operators to share their locations instantly with the pilgrims, and share their phone numbers dynamically.