Clarifications about the QR code of the Simplified Tax Invoice - KSA

According to the guidelines of ZATCA, the QR code must be encoded using Base64 format. Thus the codes that will be generated on the invoices won't be readable using the traditiona QR scanners available on the Android and iPhone Apps.

In this article we will provide more details about how to test the QR code generated from your system to ensure that it is compatible with the guidleines. 

All what you need to know about KSA Electronic invoices

Electronic invoicing will be rolled-out in two phases in KSA.  For the first phase, enforceable as of December 4th, 2021, for all taxpayers (excluding non-resident taxpayers), and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT, electronic invoice issuance will be very similar to today, with invoices issued through a compliant electronic solution and including additional fields depending on the type of the transaction

Sales Route Planning and Route Optimization

The task of daily journey planning for the sales reps is so critical, it has great effect on the team's efficiency and the company bottom lines.

Designing optimum routes for visits scheduling is one thin line that distinguishes good from great companies!

 Infoblink system brings advanced route planning capabilities to the hands of SMBs, helping the team leaders to plan the daily journeys with ease and efficiencies. The system also includes analytical tools to evaluate the performance and even to get hints about the slight changes that could lead to significant impacts.

Infoblink Van Sales solution supports new PDA & POS devices

We continue to add more PDAs and POS device to our flagship Van Sales solution: Infoblink and TeamTracking Android based App.

We are happy to announce the support of the low-cost Android devices Q1 and Q2, to our list of supported devices.

Unlock the benefits of Android Handheld POS and TeamTracking APP

If you have sales reps: TeamTracking APP is an amazing solution that supports low-cost android handheld to fully manage your sales. And can also work on any android phone as an alternative to the handheld.

For the restaurants or any shop, TeamTracking is a POS APP that works on the Handheld, PDA or can connect your android mobile to Bluetooth printer to place orders and print receipts easily.

Handheld is expensive? Use this smart alternative

تطبيق "فريقي" لهواتف الأندرويد Ùˆ برنامج "تيم تراكنج" لادارة المخازن Ùˆ المبيعات Ùˆ التحصيلات, يغنيك عن شراء الهاندهيلد باهظ التكلفة 

البرنامج يدعم المخازن المتنقلة (سيارات البضائع) , Ùˆ عمل اذون صرف البضائع Ùˆ المرتجعات , Ùˆ معرفة حجم المبيعات للعملاء او من المناديب 

نظام متكامل للمديرين لمتابعة المبيعات لحظيا Ùˆ تطبيق جوال لمندوبي المبيعات , البديل الذكي للهاندهيلد   Ø³ÙŠØ³ØªÙ…
مع امكانية طباعة الفواتير باستخدام طابعة بلوتوث

طور منظومة مبيعاتك بأقل تكلفة و في زمن قياسي , النظام و التطبيق متاحين للعمل في جميع دول العالم مع دعم للغة العربية
لطلب مشاهدة عرض للنظام Ùˆ التطبيق  , يرجى ارسال ايميل الى
وللاستفسارات , هاتف او واتس آب: 00201003176331

Team Tracking Privacy Policy

Infoblink Software, Inc. is committed to protecting your privacy. We have prepared this Privacy Policy to describe to you our practices regarding the Personal Data (as defined below) we collect from users of our websites and mobile Apps for Mobile Workforce Management software, and related services (collectively, the Services).

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Infoblink Workforce Management System

"You can't improve what you don't measure" 

Infoblink workforce management for the field service and mobile workforce is your ultimate solution to get 360 bird view over your outdoor or field team