Managing a mobile workforce? This solution will help you

Do you need to know the locations of your field teams instantly?

Do you have have difficulty tracking the working days and hours of your outdoor sales ?

Do you need to dispatch orders/tasks to the nearest worker ?

Do you need to replay the route taken by one of your staff in a previous day and time? 

And many other challenges might be facing any manager having outdoor team ..

And also there are many solutions in the market can help in addressing these challenges , so what might be different with Infoblink's solutions?

Well, Firstly we claim that our solution is the simplest and the fastest to deploy!

Yes, you can start using our solution in few minutes after signing up.

You also get the most important features at minimal cost.

Yet, you can request for many advanced features and pay only for what you need.

No more talks, we offer you free system demo with no commitment. So, give us a call now!

For more information please call: +201003176331

or email: 

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