Smart Location-based Software

In Infoblink we bring 20+ years of experience in the mobile industry, and we claim that our competitive edge is mastering and blending both mobility and cloud computing technologies. Every solution we developed has a location-component at its core, therefore we call all our software as "Smart location-based Software".  

We developed solutions and products for Food & Beverage distribution, delivery management, field service management, taxi dispatching, route planning,  Geo-location attendance. All have one thing in-common that is using the real-time location information to gain business efficiencies, capture opportunities, save time and cost. 

Our Benefits

Higher sales and less expenses

Our team not only provide system training, they also work with you on the objective of increasing your team productivity and reducing the expenses. They advise you with the best practices of using the location tracking capability to ensure higher productivity of your team, and how to leverage the route planner feature to design optimized daily routes that maximizes the daily visits and reduces travel time and cost

Personalized training and support

We are experienced in helping SMBs in their first automation steps. And thus we provide exceptional on-boarding and after sales support: A dedicated support person is assigned to every company, he/she works closely with your team, and committed to provide you as many training sessions as you request. Yo will also have access to the traditional support channels: online chat, email and hotline contact numbers

Start immediately & use anywhere

It is a cloud system hosted on Amazon servers, the dashboard is a web application accessible from your browser, and the Mobile app is available on Google Play store. We need just 2 days to get your system ready with your business settings and customers data uploaded

Risk free and Pay as-you-grow

There is NO set-up fees, and we take care of the system maintenance, daily backups and security. So, you need NO IT resources from your company, and zero CAPEX. It is a quarter or annual license per-user, so you pay only for your team members with no automatic renewals

Localization and white-label

We will be glad to add your local language to the App and the dashboard. We also provide white-label option and on-premise implementation upon request

Referral bonus and rewards

We have a transparent referral policy that offers you discount on your renewal for every new client you refer. Sales commissions are also available for freelance sales persons or agencies

Environment Friendly

Digitization of SMBs is one of our key motives, creating and sharing digital invoices and capturing digital signatures as POD is great for our environment. Using the route planning technologies lead to less pollution and traffic which saves lives and benefits the whole community

Smart LBS are...

Not only for the companies seeking differentiation, or aiming to supersede their competitions, but also –and primarily designed- for the industry leaders who challenge their own KPIs and set new standards in their industries.

Get a FREE consultation

For many years, Infoblink helped 100's of SMBs in their automation projects, and advised on the sourcing of tools and systems. We understand the challenges of going digital, and the field staff's difficulty (sometimes rejection) of using a handheld or smartphone to document their daily activities. We have seen many success and failure stories, and we are happy to share this experience with whom it may concern. 

Call us on the hotline (00201003176331) and feel free to ask about how to make the transition from papers to paperless, the pros and cons of the hand-held solutions, and how can you overcome the challenges of the digitization project.