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💊 What Is "The Medical Rep" APP ? ðŸ’Š

It is part of a powerful sales force management system, that helps pharmaceutical companies manage their sales team and medical reps efficiently.
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✔️Location tracking
Know exactly where your rep are or were

✔️Activities tracking
The meetings planned versus the meetings completed per medical rep

✔️Working hours
Know the daily attendance and working hours of your staff

✔️Customers records
Upload you customers contacts, and keep track of all the the visits and meetings done by your staff to all the customers

✔️ Assign Tasks
Create work plan and assign to your team, or ability to assign urgent tasks to a team member based on the team current location

✔️The Medical Rep make their visit plan
Let your team members plan their weekly meetings, review and approve the plans, or let the plans be auto-approved.

✔️ The Medical Rep can add new customer from the APP
You can give permission to your reps to enter new customers using the APP, and they can add the addresses using the MAP

✔️ Set Account Manager to every Customer
You can -optionally- restrict the medical rep to access only their own customers, by setting account manager to every customer

✔️Google Maps navigation
Help your new medical rep to use Google maps to reach the customers location easily

✔️Record the meeting minutes or visit report
The medical rep can record a call with the customers, or type the meeting minutes on the visit report or get the customer signature as proof of visit.

✔️Powerful reports
Get many reports about your team productivity and sales

It is super easy to implement and use:

✔️ You don't have to buy servers or software
✔️Get started with your team in 1 hour
✔️It works everywhere in the world
✔️Ultra low-cost to try: pay-per-user quarterly or annually. Try it with few team members first to see the huge benefits before applying on the whole team.

Optional Features

✔️ White label APP with your company logo
✔️ Integration with your ERP system

Check the APP on the Play Store:

The Medical Rep APP for the pharmaceutical reps – Apps on Google Play

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