The VAN Sales system

Live Tracking 

Inventory Management 

Pricing & Discounts 

Invoices & Collections 

Quotations & Audits 

Reports & Charts

Infoblink's system is a powerful 3 in 1 platform that is bundled with an easy-to-use Mobile APP. 

If you have field teams: Your business no longer need GPS trackers for the outdoor team, you just need a smart phone and this APP! 

If you have sales reps: This amazing APP supports low-cost android handheld to fully manage your sales. And can also work on any android phone as an alternative to the handheld.

If you have a restaurant or any shop, you can use the APP to record orders and print receipts.

The System Modules:

1- Location Management and Live Tracking 📡

2- Task Based Management 📅

3- Sales Order Management 🛒

(1) The Location Management

Live tracking for your outdoor team during the working hours, or redraw the routes they took during the day. The APP works in <u>"offline mode"</u>, so you can get the data about their traveled routes once they connect back to the network.

Location Mapping for your customer: Is another very powerful tool for building map for your customer locations, or complementing your customers' addresses data with their location coordinates. This makes replacing reps or hiring new rep seamless.

(2) The Task-Based Management & Reservations

Through the system dashboard, the team managers or call-takers can assign tasks to the team members, or the team members can view the tasks per day, view the visits locations on the map, and can mark the task status as "completed" once done , while adding the notes, images or take the customer signature.

It is very useful for visits planning, customer appointments for installations or maintenance, collection teams, delivery.

It can be also used as booking and reservations for the clinics. Where the reception team can check the free times, and make reservation, which will be visible on the physician's APP easily to know every day's schedule, and the physician can also record each visit status and notes.

(3) Sales Order Management

It automates the full cycle of your sales process, connects your team to the inventory or can be set-up to support virtual inventory (Stock on Wheels).

It helps your outdoor sales team to make Invoice , collect payments and print receipts via Bluetooth printer , on the go. And you will have instant dashboard access to monitor the sales, inventory levels and customers orders.

It supports Sunmi handheld devices, and can be integrated to any Bluetooth printer to print the receipts. This makes it ideal solution for POS or coffee shops.

The APP features:

🔸Real time tracking for the team members

🔸View staff status (Free/Busy)

🔸Battery status and offline mode

🔸Customer Data management

🔸Capture or edit customer location

🔸View visits or tasks or sales history per customer

🔸View customer balance

🔸 Barcode Reading

🔸Collect payments 

🔸Print Receipt via Bluetooth printer 

🔸View Tasks List or Today's Tasks MAP

🔸Update task status: "Pending" - "Completed" - "Canceled" 

🔸View the performance (Number of completed tasks per day/month/ever)

🔸Add task notes or images

🔸Record audio file with the customer (to collect feedback or surveys)

🔸Take customer signature (Proof of Visit)

🔸Plan my work (Future Tasks or visits)

🔸Seek Management Approval on the Plan

🔸Make Invoices 

🔸Payments collection

🔸Barcode Reading for the products

🔸View Inventory items

🔸View outstanding invoices

🔸Get notified with overdue invoices

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Infoblink Team Tracking APP 

** Convenient monthly plans per user, with ZERO set-up fees. We provide exceptional support, online training using screen-share and we will take care of uploading your customers information in a blink! 

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