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Infoblink is a leader of mobility solutions and the developer of Limo N' Taxi  The 1st taxi dispatching system in the middle east

Infoblink is a simple, flexible and powerful platform for Field Service Management (FSM), Delivery Management and Van Sales 

Mobile Apps for your rep's Android phone, tablet, hand-held or POS devices

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Our Solutions

This system is for the FMCG distributors, and it covers the entire outdoor sales cycle. Includes fixed and wheel inventories, CRM, route planning , real-time stock visibility, invoicing , quotation, collections , product returns and customer's stock audits. TeamTracking App is designed to work as low-cost alternative for the expensive hand-held devices. It uses the phone camera as bar-code reader, can print invoices and receipts on low-cost thermal printers. It can also used on the reasonably-priced Android Handheld devices, making it the perfect solution for the SMBs having team of 2 to 30 sales rep or van
The app is tailored for the needs of the pharmaceutical or cosmetics companies having sales reps. The App helps the reps to survey their work areas to build the customer databases of the clinics, medical centers. and the physicians names and specializations. It also help them to plan their daily visit plans, discover nearby customers, and record their progress in executing the plan. They can also take voice notes with the physicians to document their feedback about certain product. Plenty of reports are available for the management through the dashboard to measure the team performance. The most important advantage for company is their full ownership of the clients data and geo-locations, which makes replacing the reps seamless and with minimum business impact
To objectively manage your outdoor or remote team, whether you have team of: Maintenance engineers, Installation technicians, Home services & repairs, Data collectors, Promoters or merchandisers.
This system help you planning the tasks, assigning the tasks based on proximity or work load. You can also let your team plan their tasks, take note on every completed task. The system captures the times and locations of starting and ending every task, eliminating false visits, and providing the management with powerful reports about the team performance and service quality. Dynamic forms can be also designed to help taking surveys or fill-in a standard end-of-visit report.
This solution includes all what is needed to run an efficient delivery management operation. From real-time tracking of your delivery team members, efficient route planning for every day deliveries, cash collections, taking notes of the failed deliveries , or having a proper proof of delivery (POD). The intuitive dashboard helps your data entry staff to communicate easily with the delivery team and record new delivery requests. While the mobile App helps your delivery person to find the best route to take for the next delivery, and be able to inform the customer with the estimated time of arrival (ETA)
** And since we know that delivery businesses run on very low margins, we made this platform available with economic price plans start from $5 per user/month
Limo N' Taxi was the 1st taxi dispatching system in the MENA region, shortlisted in ARABNET competition in 2014. It helps small transportation companies to modernize and operate their business like Uber. For more information about the system: http://www.limontaxi.com

Our Features

Live GPS Tracking & Route Planning

Find out the locations of your team members anytime during the working hours, and check their traveled route and visited customers. Design efficient daily routes per sales rep, and follow up the execution. Our Route optimization engine help you design the optimal route to ensure more sales and minimum time and cost.

Sales and Invoicing

The entire sales cycle is supported from quotation to invoicing and collections. Easily manage your main inventory and the wheel inventories, your products catalog, prices, discounts and taxes. Get reminded with the over due invoices , and view the customers' balances and history of purchases, with ability to estimate the customer's sales-through rate by doing stock audits.

Customers Locations & Navigation

We help you to capture your customers locations to view the customers map. And the App is integrated with Google Maps to help your reps to discover the nearby customers, and to navigate to them with real-time traffic information. No more pains whenever a sales rep is leaving and new one is hired, because your new sales rep can navigate easily to your customers location like an Uber driver!

Task Management & Planning

Tasks can be created by the supervisor or entered by call takers on the system; then assigned to the best candidate based on proximity or availability or workload. Your workers can create the plan of their meetings or visits using the Mobile App, and seek the supervisor's approval on the plan. Photos and reports can be attached to any task or visit, while the times and locations are automatically captured for every activity performed

Surveys & Dynamic Forms

The system allows the manager to design surveys or standard reports with predefined set of questions to be filled-in by the team during a meeting or after completing a site visit. The form design supports multiple data types and the answers can be limited to predefined choices. This helps in analyzing the collected data, decision making and reporting

Hierarchies and Permissions

You can map your organization into levels and hierarchies, to allow different team leaders gain visibility only on their teams activities. You can also set different permissions to the dashboard users, to allow different authorities based on the staff role (e.g. Inventory keeper , call center, data entry staff , accountants or top management)

Messaging and Notifications

You can send group announcements to all your team members or by work zones. You can also send individual message to any of the members. The staff receives instant notifications on their App whenever a new task is assigned, re-assigned, re-scheduled or cancelled. All the system-generated notifications can be customized and translated to any language.

We Use the following Technologies

We are strong fan of open source and cloud technologies, so we use and encourage using the following technologies and organizations