Field Service Management

Manage your field operation or on-site services

Whether you have team of maintenance engineers, field technicians, home service and repair workers, data collectors, promoters or merchandisers. This system helps you plan and schedule tasks, track the job progress, captures the times and locations of every task and eliminates false visits. It covers dispatch management, spare parts management, invoicing and service history. The Geo-attendance feature is also available to track and monitor your security personnel.

GPS Tracking

Live tracking for your team members with route playback and offline mode in the case of network disconnection

Customers Map

Basic GIS features to visualize your data on the Maps to enhance your operation and marketing analysis

Contacts Database

All your customers data stored in one repository with contact details and complete history of interactions

E-Signatures and POV

The system includes multiple tools to be used as Proof-of-Visit and smart engine to detect fake visits or fake locations

Reports and Charts

The system has many reports t cover all your needs, and analytical charts to help you analyze your data

Custom Forms

Design your own form to help your staff fill-in the information exactly as per your internal sheets

Localization & White-label

Multilingual support with time zone management and detailed maps in your local area of operation. And White-label option with your brand and logo

Hierarchies and Permissions

Map your organization into levels and hierarchies, and set access rights or transactions limits based on staff role and responsibilities


Ready integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and multiple fleet systems. An open API framework ready to integrate other systems


Help your merchandisers in their daily routine, whether they are collecting customers feedback, explain products features, take photos of your products display or making shelf audits.

Home Services & Repairs

Instant updates about the daily work orders and ensure timely check-in at the customers sites. Accurate records for the on-site duration, service history and spart parts inventory.


Keep track of your security personnel presence in the required location and per the time schedule. Easily configure dynamic work site fences and use the location check-in to confirm the attendance.

Geo-attendance & Working Hours

If you have large list of sites or stores or premises where your remote teams need to check-in and out every day, you can easily configure unlimited fences using the system maps, and ask your field workers to check-in and out upon arrival and before departure. The worker can easily travel between sites and the system will automatically calculate the time spent on every site, and the overall working hours per day.

If you have non regular worker who have no set work schedule, the system can help you extract the working days and working hours for every worker, and also the busy versus idle times.

Dispatch Management and Tracking

Live GPS tracking for the movement of your field workers using the mobile App, or tracking the vehicles through real-time integration with your fleet system. You can also save the locations of your customers, which helps you to make proximity dispatching to the nearest available resource. The App with your field workers can be used to convey a FREE or Busy status to the dispatchers, to help them make informative dispatch decisions.

Other tools are available to assist your dispatch decisions by relying on the work zones or staff work load, or by checking the schedule to ensure no overlap and suffcient travel time from site to another.

Team Communication

The success of your business requires efficient communication and collaboration between the back office and the field teams. Information flow must be seamless with instant notifications about orders assignment, arrival on site, time tracking, order execution and status reports. The back-office team will have real-time updates about the teams’ locations, progress and can easily make quick decisions like rescheduling, reassignment or sending instant messages to the field teams.

Longer surveys can be easily customized with set of question, these surveys can be used to collect the customers’ feedback in a structured format, ready for statistical analysis or extracting insights.

Quality Management and Ratings

The system allows the quality team to collect customer feedback about the completed services, 5 stars rating metric can be filled for every completed work order. Also the customer can provide review or feedback. The ratings reflect automatically on the staff records, and the feedback can be further studied and analyzed to improve the service quality and address weaknesses.

Other tools are available to assist your dispatch decisions by relying on the work zones or staff work load, or by checking the schedule to ensure no overlap and suffcient travel time from site to another.

Time Tracking & On-site Reports

The field worker has timer on the App to calculate the billable time spent in every customer ‘s site. And full access to the customer history of orders as well as the status report left by the teammates who performed prior services. The worker can take photos for the work before and after, or for required spare part. Service reports can be pre-designed and filled for every completed job.

Digital customer’s signature can be obtained on the service report, and workflow capability exist to allow work continuation by same woker or by another team member.


Cloud offering and no-frills price plans that meet your exact needs

Personalized Support

Reachable human support via chat and WhatsApp - No chat bots

Unlimited Training

One-on-one training sessions - during onboarding and upon request

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager - consider him your technical advisor

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