The VAN Sales system

Infoblink Mobile VAN Sales System

It covers all your needs to manage outdoor sales activities, have real-time monitoring over your main and wheel inventories, and analytical reports to measure the performance and gain insights. The van sales system Android app for your sales representatives helps them to record their transactions with ease and generate reports instantly. The system includes rich list of features to support the needs of many worldwide regions, yet we offer customized price-plans that balance functionality and cost to meet your specific needs. Contact us for a free guided demo and optimized quote.

GPS Tracking

Live tracking for your team members with route playback and offline mode in the case of network disconnection

Contacts Database

All your customers data stored in one repository with contact details and complete history of interactions

Customers Map

Basic GIS features to visualize your data on the Maps to enhance your operation and marketing analysis

Hierarchies and Permissions

Map your organization into levels and hierarchies, and set access rights or transactions limits based on staff role and responsibilities


Multilingual support with time zone management and detailed maps in your local area of operation. And White-label option with your brand and logo


Ready integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and multiple fleet systems. An open API framework ready to integrate other systems

Reports and Charts

The system has many reports that cover all your needs, and analytical charts to help you analyze your data

Custom Forms

Design your own form to help your staff fill-in the information exactly as per your internal sheets

E-Signatures and POV

The system includes multiple tools to be used as Proof-of-Visit and smart engine to detect fake visits or fake locations

Distribution Management

How do you manage your distribution fleet?

Automate your distribution business and discover the hidden opportunities for savings and growth. Infoblink system will help you transform the way you manage your distributions business. Gain more control and visibility over your operation, and visualize your data in a way that will make your transformation journey insightful and rewarding

Maps Capabilities

Do you use Maps and Locations data effectively?

No more struggle with sales staff turnover, all your customers locations are stored in one place. Infoblink easily captures the customer locations and provide you with basic GIS capabilities: Customers map per zone of operation, efficient route planning, and help your sales team to explore their work areas and navigate to the customers locations

Paperless Inventories

Do you struggle in managing your VAN Inventories?

Infoblink stands for “Information in a Blink”, so the system provide you with real-time view over your Fixed and Wheel Inventories (The Vans). You can easily monitor the stock at any vehicle instantly, so you can make business decisions faster and gain more control. Reduce your waste and automate your VAN replenishment process with smart tools

Inventory Management

The system supports different modes of operation, fixed inventories and VAN inventories (Stock on wheels) and can be also configured to support virtual inventory of services rather than physical products.  You have all the needed operations from stocking the main inventories, transfers between inventories, replenishment of the wheel inventories, as well as real time monitoring of the stocks in all inventories.

Other advanced operations are available like products adjustments for expiry or corruption. And reports are available to compare the products movements to the remaining stocks in each VAN, and the real-time value of each inventory.

Route Planning and Navigation

It is essential to ensure that the daily travels of the sales representative is optimized in terms of travelled distance, fuel consumption and time. The system have tools to work in the design mode and the real-time mode to help the manager of the sales rep to design daily optimized route of visits, as well as the option to examine the best route for the next visit, based on the current traffic status and best alternatives.

As a smart sales representative, the APP help you plan your future routes with ease using map of customers locations, it also allowes you to set a plan and submit for your management approval.  Reusing and editing last week/month routes is also a great time-saver.

360-degree Customer Overview

To have full insights about your customers, Infoblink Dashboard provides comprehensive view about the customer, in terms customer statement, breakdown of interactions either visits or tickets, quick view of the risk comparing the overdue amount to the credit limit allowed, breakdown of transactions:  invoices, quotations and shelf-audits etc. And overall view about the aged debts split in 30,60,90+ days

And the system has advanced tools to help segment your customer base and create different prices and discount limits per segment. And other tools to detect accounts needing higher attention like the “dormant accounts” reports.

Invoices and Collections

The sales processes are 100% supported, started by the replenishment of the VAN inventory where the salesman can request the quantities from the APP, or the supervisor leads the process. Once the VAN is loaded, the salesman have automatic notification to validate the quantities, have instant view of the inventory quantities and sales price, and can start make invoices, customer quotations, customer returns or shelf-audits.

From the APP, the salesman enjoys daily reminders of the overdue invoices, updated view of the credit left to use, and easy access to the customer history of purchases, balance, customer segment, applicable bonus rules, in order to make instant and well-informed decisions.

Self-Service Portal

The B-2-B self-service portal is not a typical e-commerce website, it has specific features especially designed to fit the distribution businesses. It is well connected to the customer’s Account Manager, and it provides different prices, discounts and promotions according to every customer segment.


This tool has proved to be a great deal to save the sales representatives daily travels and help them to work smarter. The admin has full control over the products to list on the portal, the images and prices. And the customer enjoys instant access to place orders not waiting for the salesman visit.

Printing or Go Paperless

The printing of invoices remains a must practice in many countries, therefore the APP supports printing on multiple models of Bluetooth thermal printers as well as the handheld device which has embedded printers like SUNMI POS, Infoblink is a Sunmi Partner and TeamTracking APP is available and the new releases are updated on SUMI APP Store.

We also encourage the go-green initiatives to avoid printing as possible, and therefore the APP is automatically integrated to WhatsApp and it allows the sales representative to share image of the generated invoice through WhatsApp directly, and no need to leave TeamTracking APP or to save the customer contacts on phone before sending.

KPIs and Performance Measurement

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, therefore the system has multiple reports and charts that can help you examine the team performance in a flash. It is essential to have quick and easy reports , widgets and charts that can guide you instantly about the daily/weekly/monthly or periodic performance. The widgets on the Dashboard home gives you about the TODAY status in terms of workload and completion


The charts are smart way to give you periodical views while comparing related dimensions, for example comparing the Sales versus the Returns, or Comparing the Cash payments versus the credit (remaining), or even comparing the staff performance to each other’s. On the other hand, if you operate using pre-defined daily route, you will have a handy “Route Performance” report per staff.

The Shelf Audit

If you are distributing consumer products, then the Shelf audit or “Retail Audit” is an important activity in your business. As it helps companies maintain their brand image, shelf share and reduce OOS out-of-stock situations. Being unable to hire dedicated company to do the job doesn’t mean to drop it entirely. Infoblink system provides your sales reps with the tools to collect the data and images, and the dashboard helps you analyze the availability, placement, and visibility of your products on the shelves of retail stores.

The App allows your sales or audit team to record the quantities found in stock, and check if the products are appropriately priced based on the company’s agreements with retailers. And can also take photos for the display of your products to ensure they are properly positioned and presented.


Cloud offering and no-frills price plans that meet your exact needs

Personalized Support

Reachable human support via chat and WhatsApp - No chat bots

Unlimited Training

One-on-one training sessions - during onboarding and upon request

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager - consider him your technical advisor

What Our Clients Say

Dr Mazen Al-Akabawi

Infoblink System facilitates our daily, weekly & monthly activities for the sales reps in terms of planning, reports, sales invoices, cash collection and clients follow up. Their technical team is highly supportive and cooperative

Dr Mazen Al-AkabawiSales & Training Support Manager - DKT International

Wessam Aljishi

I have an establishment in Saudi Arabia and InfoBlink really served us with an integrated and distinct program and with wonderful support staff whose goal is to satisfy the customer and facilitate the daily transactions. I congratulate Infoblink team for reaching this high level.

Wessam AljishiBusiness Development Director - Moon Foods