The Medical Rep

For the Medical and Pharmaceutical Companies

This system is tailored for the needs of the pharmaceutical or cosmetics companies having medical representatives. The App helps the medical rep to build the customer geo-location databases of the clinics, medical centers, specializations and working hours. It also helps them to plan their daily visit plans, discover the customers in the target area, and record their progress in executing the plan. They can also collect the physicians’ feedback about certain product using survey or voice notes. We offer an optimized and cost-effective price-plan to provide you with highest value for money.

GPS Tracking

Live tracking for your team members with route playback and offline mode in the case of network disconnection

Contacts Database

All your customers data stored in one repository with contact details and complete history of interactions

Customers Map

Basic GIS features to visualize your data on the Maps to enhance your operation and marketing analysis

Surveys & Forms

Design your own survey to help your staff collect the physicians and pharmacists opinions about your products

E-Signatures and POV

The system includes multiple tools to be used as Proof-of-Visit and smart engine to detect fake visits or fake locations

Reports and Charts

The system has many reports t cover all your needs, and analytical charts to help you analyze your data

Hierarchies and Permissions

Map your organization into levels and hierarchies, and set access rights or transactions limits based on staff role and responsibilities


Multilingual support with time zone management and detailed maps in your local area of operation. And White-label option with your brand and logo


Ready integrations with SAP, Microsoft Dynamics and multiple fleet systems. An open API framework ready to integrate other systems

The medical rep brand App

Branded App

Although some companies choose branded app development, we also offer affordable plans for small teams starting with just two representatives with our ready-to-use app.
The Medical Rep lead management

Lead Management

The system facilitates lead capture, customer profiling and sales tracking to help reps manage their interactions with potential and existing customers more efficiently.
the medical rep structure feedback

Structured Feedback

Having a robust and efficient reporting system is crucial in your business. The data collected from the field is rendered useless if it’s not well formatted and presented effectively.

Planning and scheduling

Planning the daily, weekly and monthly visits is very important for your business success. The system offers multiple tools to help the supervisor and his team to set plans, seek approvals and monitor the execution and progress. The maps and workload calendars are cleverly deployed for the supervisor and the medical rep to make the planning task easy and comprehensive.

The visits have lifecycle to distinguish between the newly created, assigned to a medical rep, waiting for supervisor’s approval, under execution or just completed. Plenty of reports and charts are available to measure the performance of executing the plan, as well as real-time widgets are available on the dashboard to help the supervisor know the live location of the medical rep and the visit under execution.

The Visit Report

It is not enough to mark a visit as completed without documenting the outcome of every visit in a professional and retrievable format. The visit report is automatically synchronized with your company data and reflect in the customer CRM records for analysis and future reference. The mobile app with your Medical Rep help him/her to enter the visit report right after the meeting.

In addition to the automatically collected data like the visits start and end time, and locations; the medical rep can write an unstructured feedback, fill-in a predesign questionnaire or survey, take and upload photos of competing products and their display and can make voice memos for the conversation with the physician.

Fake Visit Detection

Transparency is a very important in the workplace, but for the teams working outdoor most of the time, it is hard to ensure accuracy and quality of work. And since life is not ideal, there are rare cases where a team members fakes a visit and can even use some tools to disguise his real location. The system must be capable of detecting and identifying such intentional or unintentional practices.

The system automatically captures the location of the visit and compares it to the saved customer location, and accordingly can generate a useful hint about the visits that might be fake. The supervisor can regularly review this report and initiate a deeper investigation to see the exact locations and timing used to record the visit.

Clock-in/out and Flexible Working Hours

Due to the variant working hours for private clinics, it is sometimes necessary for some businesses to offer flexible working hours for their sales team.  However, this flexibility shouldn’t be synonym for lack of control or punctuality. The system has the needed tools to determine the actual working hours for every team member as well as the travel time, waiting time and actual meeting time for every completed visit.

The clock-in and clock-out feature can be enabled for the medical rep on their app, to be used to confirm the meeting start and end time. The feature can be restricted to the customer location, to prevent fake visits. And the data collected from the clocking feature can be further analyzed to get insights about average travel times versus the on-site times.

Business Intelligence and Reports

You can’t improve what you can’t measure, therefore the system has multiple reports and charts that can help you examine the team performance in a flash. It is essential to have quick and easy reports , widgets and charts that can guide you instantly about the daily/weekly/monthly or periodic performance. All the data can be exported to advanced BI tools for detailed analysis.

The system also have some of the advanced reports that deemed to be game-changer for the smart supervisor. Despite the good planning and follow up efforts, there is a little chance that some customers get missed from the routine visits, or mistakenly dropped from one day route. The system has built-in reports to detect the dormant customers who have got no visits in certain period or skipped in a monthly route.


Cloud offering and no-frills price plans that meet your exact needs

Personalized Support

Reachable human support via chat and WhatsApp - No chat bots

Unlimited Training

One-on-one training sessions - during onboarding and upon request

Account Manager

Dedicated account manager - consider him your technical advisor

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Ahmed Gamal

Ahmed GamalFounder and CEO - Finish for Trading

Infoblink is a company that offers excellent and consistent high-quality services, new features and releases are continuously developed, this is the 5th year to renew our subscription


Dr Mazen Al-Akabawi

Dr Mazen Al-AkabawiSales & Training Support Manager - DKT International

Infoblink System facilitates our daily activities in terms of planning, reports, sales invoices, cash collection and clients follow up. Their technical team is highly supportive and cooperative