How does your pricing work? And do you offer Free Trial?

Infoblink’s cloud option is priced per-user either quarterly or annually, with ZERO set-up fees. The prices include all the software licenses needed as well as the server hosting, you just need to provide your sales reps with 3G or 4G data bundle of 1 GB per month (covers the daily usage of 8 hours up to 26 days per month). For the Route Optimization feature, a quota can be purchased and consumed with no expiration , and can be renewed whenever needed.

Regarding the Free Trials: We choose not to offer a traditional free trial as our approach involves personalized onboarding, one-on-one training, and data uploading services tailored to your specific needs. Every account setup includes customization with your company logo, old customers’ data and business configurations. Instead, we provide a ‘short-term’ project pilot, encompassing training and support, ensuring minimal investment and risk as you embark on our cloud solution journey.


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