Can I see system DEMO? And what's needed to use this system and App? Yes, we provide free online DEMO , just send your company name and WhatsApp contact number to and we will contact you back to set a DEMO date/time. To use the system with your team, you just need laptop or PC for the manager, and Android smart phone for every team member. If Handheld device or thermal printer is needed, we will provide you with list of resellers in your country for the chosen devices/printers.
The service is provided through Amazon web services (AWS) to ensure the highest international standards of security and availability. We also provide on-premise and white-label solution if required by your company. Your business data are treated with the highest confidentiality. Daily backups are taken automatically on all the servers, and -as per our data and privacy policy- Infoblink has no right to use your data for any purpose. We can sign special data confidentiality agreements if required by your legal team or regulatory requirements. You can request wiping out all your business data in the event of service cancellation.
Yes, the system and the App support the electronic invoice requitements set by ZATCA of Saudi Arabic. Both Taxi invoice and simplified tax invoice can be printed by the App and the QR code will be printed on the invoice.