We ensure a swift setup for your company, typically completing it within a maximum of two business days from receiving your setup/configuration data. Additionally, we offer the convenience of uploading your existing customer list (up to 10,000 customers) and product catalog (up to 1,000 products) using standard Excel templates. This streamlined process aims to get you up and running efficiently.
The key differentiation in Infoblink system is the personalized training and support service we provide. The moment you sign up with us, a dedicated account manager will be assigned to you, he/she will train you on the system and app (as many time as you wish), will be your focal support contact any time during your subscription. Hotline numbers are provided for emergencies and escalations. Traditional support tools are also available like: online chat, videos and online user guide.
The system and the App are available where Internet, 3G/4G mobile data exists. The App supports English and Arabic language, while the dashboard available in English, Spanish, Swedish and Arabic. More languages are being added based on the demand. The dashboard is a web application that can be used from any web browser (chrome is preferred), while the mobile app is available for the low-cost Android phones and hand-held devices.