Sales Route Planning and Route Optimization

Sales Route Planning and Route Optimization

The task of daily journey planning for the sales reps is so critical, it has great effect on the team’s efficiency and the company bottom lines.

Designing optimum routes for visits scheduling is one thin line that distinguishes good from great companies!

Infoblink system brings advanced route planning capabilities to the hands of SMBs, helping the team leaders to plan the daily journeys with ease and efficiencies. The system also includes analytical tools to evaluate the performance and even to get hints about the slight changes that could lead to significant impacts.

The Design stage:

Having a system that was designed on strong foundation of location-data, we think that designing the routes should start with a data plotted on a map.

Routes Optimization:

Although the term sounds fancy but the myth of being unattainable to SMBs is no longer valid. The biggest benefits of today’s technological leap, is the ability to bring most of the sophisticated solutions to the hands of the SMBs at affordable cost.

Reporting and Analytics:

In the optimization game, the target is never met from the first shot! Infoblink added the needed tools to examine the actual performance of working on given daily route, this helps the manager to discover the realities versus the plans, and even getting hints about slight changes that could have significant impact.


We have received impressive feedback from our clients who tried our routes planning toolset, nevertheless we continue to work with every client closely to further improve it.

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