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February 2024

Medical Rep Reporting Software for Pharma Industry

Best Medical Rep App 2024

Revolutionizing Pharma Sales and Field Operations Every year, the question arises: How can we empower medical representatives (med reps) to excel in their critical role? These frontline warriors engage daily with healthcare professionals, physicians, and pharmacies, making their work pivotal to the pharmaceutical industry. As we step into a new era, the focus has shifted from...

August 2023

picture of success

Picture of Success: A Key Concept for FMCG Companies

If you work in the fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry, you know how important it is to have a strong presence on the shelves of supermarkets and other retailers. You want your products to stand out from the competition, attract the attention of shoppers, and generate sales. But how do you measure and improve your...

November 2021

October 2021

All what you need to know about KSA Electronic invoices

Electronic invoicing will be rolled-out in two phases in KSA.  For the first phase, enforceable as of December 4th, 2021, for all taxpayers (excluding non-resident taxpayers), and any other parties issuing tax invoices on behalf of suppliers subject to VAT, electronic invoice issuance will be very similar to today, with invoices issued through a compliant...

July 2021

Sales Route Planning and Route Optimization

The task of daily journey planning for the sales reps is so critical, it has great effect on the team's efficiency and the company bottom lines. Designing optimum routes for visits scheduling is one thin line that distinguishes good from great companies! Infoblink system brings advanced route planning capabilities to the hands of SMBs, helping the team leaders...

December 2019

Infoblink Van Sales solution supports new PDA & POS devices

We continue to add more PDAs and POS device to our flagship Van Sales solution: Infoblink and TeamTracking Android based App. We are happy to announce the support of the low-cost Android devices Q1 and Q2, to our list of supported devices. These devices are very close in shape to the Sunmi V1 and V1s devices, although...

April 2018

Unlock the benefits of Android Handheld POS and TeamTracking APP

If you have sales reps: TeamTracking APP is an amazing solution that supports low-cost android handheld to fully manage your sales. And can also work on any android phone as an alternative to the handheld. For the restaurants or any shop, TeamTracking is a POS APP that works on the Handheld, PDA or can connect your android...

February 2018