Platform and Mobile App for Hajj & Umrah Travel Companies

Platform and Mobile App for Hajj & Umrah Travel Companies

There was more than 8 millions performed Hajj & Umrah in 2014

You can simply imagine how many times the following needs rose, with little or no modern solution for:

-Pilgrims need to reach out the nearest on-duty tour guide and need to locate their buses and navigate to them.
-Pilgrims sometimes get lost while returning to their residence or camp.
-The team of tour guides and drivers need to locate each others. And their managers at the head office need to locate them for better organization and supervision of the tour
And what if you came to know that %330  was the growth rate of smart-phones Data Usage from 2013 to 2014!
Does this sound a hint for a solution?

Infoblink introduces its innovative solution “Sohba”, it is a location-sharing Mobile App that connects the pilgrims, tour guides and bus drivers. So the staff can locate each others, the pilgrims can locate the bus stop, navigate to their residence or camp easily, and reach out the on-duty guides and navigate to them without pre-storing their phone numbers.

White-label App is offered to each Travel Company, and Portal to allow the company manager to create accounts for the company staff and drivers. While the pilgrims can login on the App using their social identity

This innovative solution is based on a strong location-sharing platform designed and built in Infoblink, and it allows the solution to be offered quickly to the interested travel companies in the form of SaaS: Software as a service.

This solution helps the travel companies to have better control over their field operations, provide their pilgrims with unique service, while adding more value to their brand and identity (by having their own Mobile Apps with the company name and logos)


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