TaxiNet @ Cairo Startup Cup | “Thanks for Daring!â€

TaxiNet @ Cairo Startup Cup | “Thanks for Daring!â€

Many Egyptians are wondering why there is no “Taxi Calling” service in Cairo, and some still remember the yellow cab companies that operated for a while and eventually shut down. Their regular customers have deep information about their rise and fall, and probably can tell interesting views about why they started very good and ended very bad.

And it is fun game to list the benefits of the “Taxi Calling” services in any city, and especially in Cairo: working meters and A/C, the value of home-pickup for elder people and handicapped, safety for girls and women, no smoking cars, etc.
It is also easy to think of the societal and environmental benefits of the “Taxi Calling”: less traffic congestions, less pollution, less fuel consumption and thus national saving in the subsidy bill, tourism support, empowering women working as drivers, and many other benefits that encouraged wise governments to support the establishment of Taxi Companies, and the use of location and dispatching technologies in their operation.

** So, it seems that “Taxi Calling” is a demanded service with no-supply! **

“TaxiNet” was the name of a team of group of Egyptians who decided to test the hypothesis above, and tackle it if deemed true. They launched a survey, electronically with target customers, and physically with customers and drivers, they validated the hypothesis and decided to move forward.

We were very excited to support them with the technology part, knowing that their logistical and operation obstacles are very tough and challenging. They decided to participate in Cairo Startup Cup, seeking mentors’ advice and guidance on the legal framework, which used to be one of the biggest challenges in Egypt.

We joined them in the last day of the cup, enjoyed meeting the mentors and getting their feedback.

Our takeaway after the useful discussions was that “Taxi Calling” is a service that everyone wants, but no one dares to launch it!

Therefore, and despite that “TaxiNet” team didn’t make it to the final round of the cup; we very much appreciate and thank “TaxiNet” team …. For Daring!

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