We are tweeting from Startup Weekend

We are tweeting from Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Giza (16-18 May 2013) held in our work zone: Smart Village, So we were very encouraged to attend.

It is really enjoying experience to attend such events, they are morale booster and gives the one positive energy that is largely needed amid the challenges faced on the national front.


We enjoyed seeing the spirit and the enthusiasm among the participants, and few ideas paid our attention to the extent that we were eager to have some chats with the teams behind.

Surprisingly,  2 out of the 3 ideas we were interested in; appeared later in the winners list!
Here below our tweets from the event, hoping to see more and more of such events helping the young Egyptians paving their way to success.
“In : that you love to see! Large group of young egyptians trying to be ‘the change’ they want to see in their country.”
: ; brand new business model in by brilliant guys from upper egypt , can be a life-kiss for our tourism problem”
: pleased to talk to & “2imsek fasad ~ corruption catcher” the true citizenship that needs. always lead!”
:targeting the employees who use their own cars will have +ve impact on cairo’s pollution, traffic plus fuel saving”

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