Launching LimonTaxi Free App

Launching LimonTaxi Free App

We are very glad to launch the Free app of limontaxi tracking for Android:

This app offers GPS & Cellular tracking features, and the FREE version allows tracking of up to 3 smart phones.
The limitation can be removed as premium service for companies or individuals interested to extend the tracking features for more than 3 smart phones,
Tracking-only still has so many useful use cases:


  • Parents can create accounts for their children and use the app to track them on the move (for example when they are riding public transportation)
  • Families having private drivers (chauffeurs) can use the app on the driver’s phone to locate the vehicle
  • Businesses can track the location of their fleet using the drivers’ smart phones
  • Schools can track all their buses through the drivers (or the superintendent) smart phone
  • Or alternatively, they can create account for each bus route and grant access to all parents having kids in that specific route (so parents can locate the their child’s bus through the drivers or the superintendent smart phone)
  • Security service providers can use the app to ensure their staff presence in their designated places at the specified times
  • Companies having mobile sales teams can use the app to identify the location of their field teams during the working shifts
  • Limousine and Taxi companies can track their drivers and know their availability to receive orders

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