Smartphone based Vehicle Tracking

Smartphone based Vehicle Tracking

All businesses relying on vehicles in their operation know very well the benefits of having a “Fleet Tracking” solution in place. But until recently , getting fleet tracking solution was a long story: starts by finding a provider, signing contracts, sending vehicles to the service centres to install GPS’s , and managing the fix/replacements and returns.
This was affordable for large companies but not really suitable for small & medium businesses.
Today, a pretty simple and economic solution is available for small & medium businesses is just few clicks away!


Using smartphones in business is an increasing trend, and given the fall of smartphones prices, more and more businesses were able to use smartphone-based solutions to improve their operations, create new sources of revenues and reduce operating costs.
Infoblink Fleet Tracking solution removes the need to buy and install GPS unit into your vehicles. You are going to use a smartphone ! It can be already available with your drivers, or can be offered as company-benefit or subsidized to your staff.
So, if your business requires real-time tracking for your fleet or field teams, now you have an amazingly simple and inexpensive solution to do so.
But how does this innovative solution compare with the traditional GPS-based tracking?
  • No purchase nor installation of GPS: save your money, time and headache of maintaining the GPS devices; and get to use smartphones!
  • No entry or activation fees: No software to buy or systems or servers to install, all what you need is PC/Laptop/Tablet connected to the internet
  • Use your suitable/cheapest data plan: The smartphone will be sending minimal data over the network, so you are free to get the appropriate data plan from your Mobile service provider at the standard rates.
  • Start right away: With our cloud solution, you sign up on our website and start using the service within minutes!
  • No frills solution that’s logically priced! It is very cost-effective and risk-free solution. Free trials with no pushy sales calls and cancel-any-time-policy.

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