Manage your outsourced fleet like a pro

Manage your outsourced fleet like a pro

Do your offer transportation service to your employees? Great companies do

Are they fully satisfied with the service?

Did you outsource the fleet operation to the best-in-town? That’s not enough

Here are some of the typical problems raised by the employees riding the company buses:

  • ·        Some stops being missed
  • ·        Lateness
  • ·        Loss of contact with drivers because they get replaced frequently

And although the companies have great HR & Admin teams, they stand helpless in front of such complaints, because they lack all the evidences to prove the cases to the service provider. With little to do to push for improving the service or applying a contractual penalty.

If the company had owned their fleet, they could have simply installed GPS in each vehicle and used it to monitor the service. But in outsourcing, you probably lost such benefit.

Now, is there a solution for this problem? How can you manage your outsourced fleet, and enjoy a great service?

Well, if you heard about Uber, and know a little about how they work, then you could imagine the answer.

Our services and solutions help the companies regain full visibility over the outsourced fleet operation.

Through our driver’s mobile APP and dashboard, you can have live monitoring to your fleet, and historical evidences to check punctuality and quality of the service.

Not only that, you can also offer your employee a touch of UBER Experience!

Yes, through their mobiles, they can use our APPs to view the bus location anytime, and check its estimate time of arrival, and can also call the driver, even if there is new driver appointed every day!

And guess what, this solution is low-cost, needs no infrastructure and can work for your entire outsourced fleet in just 2 days!

Request a free trial with no-commitment, and offer your employees an UBER-like experience, and regain full visibility over your outsourced fleet.

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